Security Services

  • NSM

    Network security monitoring is an essential part of any network security program. No network security products are impenetrable – attackers and threats will eventually find a way to breach your network. The right network security monitoring technology will alert you when attacks are underway, providing accurate and timely details that allow you to quickly respond before threats can wreak havoc on your network.

  • Log Monitoring

    Delivered as a cloud-based managed service, Log Monitoring provides real-time threat detection to improve security and achieve compliance. The Athena service platform collects, monitors, and manages logs from virtually any device capable of producing a log file, including applications, databases, endpoints, firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTMs, WAFs, FIMs and network devices.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting

    Cloud based managed hosting for mission critical websites that need 100% uptime and maximum security. Included as standard is 24-7 support, real-time threat detection, uptime monitoring and high availability (HA) on all databases, hosts, proxies, load balancers and caching systems.

  • Incident Response

    Within 15 minutes of a security incident your incident response manager will plan an approach. Remote technical investigations will start within 1 hour of an incident, and onsite investigations within 24 hours.

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